“What Would Penis Do?”

February 17th, 2009

32 Responses to ““What Would Penis Do?””

  1. ksklein

    lol…. this is just great. apart from the drawings and the stories which are fun i think one of the best things about these animatiopns is the voice. it is just perfect for this. is this the artist´s own voice?

  2. Mark


  3. kpilk

    Oh my goodness! I absolutely heart me some WWPD.

  4. Melissa

    Tales of Mere Existence is my new Fave!!!

    I LOVE IT!

  5. Miles

    Levni boils it down for us once again! Great luck with the book! I’m pre-ordering right now!

  6. alicja

    sure shot!
    whether you’ve got penis or not.

  7. Andrea

    PLease please please tell me why “WWPD” is not up anymore!!! You don’t understand, I’ve watched it a million times and I LOVE that one!! :( I am so sad he’s gone! Bring back Penis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lady X

    Please bring back What Would Penis Do !

    This is hilarious video, we all love it!

  9. wiewiorka

    I cannot see it either :(
    it says it’s a “private video”
    Lev, do something!!!!

  10. Alaina

    I agree! Why is it marked private now??

  11. brian

    if yt is censoring something as simple as this, then you should try and get this hosted somewhere else maybe, like dailymotion.com, veoh.com, sidereel.com, livevideo.com, vimeo.com, or blip.tv; or even Hulu, Surfthechannel, Megavideo, Fancast, Yidio, movie6, watch-movies.net, farmhill.net. censorship fucking sucks.

  12. iris

    I saw this once before it got pulled from Youtube. So I googled it and found some blogs that had it embedded, and I watched it again, because I’m an adult who prefers to make my own decisions about what to watch. Lev, skip Youtube!
    Embed it on your own site!

  13. Rich

    that penis with a towel around his balls had me dying @ 2:43 classic short.

  14. G

    Just discovered the tales through this video. They’re brilliant and honest. Your work is beautiful.

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